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گرده گل، غذای پروتئینی زنبور عسل بوده و تأمین‌کننده اصلی چربی و پروتئین مورد نیاز زنبوران است. به بیان دیگر مانند گوشت در سفره‌ی غذایی زنبور است. Pollen man can not be compared with commonly used food as a source of protein except that, Has carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins and all necessary components for a complete diet, and compared with lean meat 5 تا 6 Amino Acid more

خواص: Pollen regulate bowel and constipation treatment. Eliminate anemia and low blood pressure. Widgets and stimulate metabolism and detoxification of the body is. And in cases of severe fatigue and general weakness amplifier is used to compensate for the delay in development. Sedative and to treat stress, insomnia, memory loss and depression is beneficial. For pregnant and lactating women and is useful in the treatment of hair loss and skin irritation. To treat the stain and wrinkle skin creams and masks used in the formulation. Increased longevity and treatment of disabilities of aging and reduces the effects of aging. For the treatment and prevention of prostate swelling is used.

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