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Trading and processing of honey,fa

Trading و Steps Build Honey


The definition of honey
Honey is an Arabic word that the Persian it is called honey and the bees from the nectar of flowers sweet substance produced by plants collected after the necessary changes in their wax cells of the hive is stored

Process of making honey
Bee after sucking nectar from flowers and plants by Khartoum own it in the bag honey abdomen is the store nectar collected 80 percent humidity up by bees flying oven technology so that moisture nectar has taken the enzyme from chamber bag honey to add, and then Varshdn to the hive where Radrhjrhay wax put back to the flowers is when darkness prevented their exit from the hive the bees Shahdi who daily collect and for premature the rooms have passed again by the trunk can suck the moisture content of the enzyme were added to the Ibn work ا تا زمانی که رطوبت آن به زیر ۲۰ درصد برسد ادامه می دهند وپس از آن که به زیر ۲۰ درصدرسید که اصلاً به آن عسل رسیده می گویند درب حجره ها توسط زنبوران موم باف پوشیده می شود,fa

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