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آشنایی باززندگی زنبور عسل

Charming Life Bumblebee & nbsp; Zbvrsl & nbsp; & Nbsp; In general, all life as eggs Azshkm Queen Bee Azsaty that came out Tarvzmrgsh is formed into two parts Part I: Life inside the hive parts of the second: Life outside Azkndv & nbsp; Life of bees inside the hive & nbsp; This includes two periods,fa …

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عسل از نظر ادیان

  ?Honey In Islam,fa? درقرآن یک سوره به نام زنبور عسل(سوره نحل)وجود دارد. ?خداوند در قرآن میفرماید:وپروردگارتوبه زنبورعسل وحی(الهام غریزی) That some of the mountains and from some scaffolding Vazanchh trees,fa (وچفته سازی )Then eat the fruit of their homes for Khvddrst now, and the ways of your Lord Frmanbrdanh, sometimes Bpvy.n,fa …

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